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Foundation „Viva Femina” is a women foundation located in Podkarpackie region in Poland. Our main aim is to act for the benefit of women, disabled, migrants and young people. We are implementing good practices in gender issues and promote equal opportunities of women and men in all areas of life as well as implementing good practices in education and entrepreneurship development. Activities of the Foundation concentrate on providing training and guidance services to disadvantaged groups in Podkarpackie region, organization of seminars and conferences. Our activities are addressed to NEETs, people with mental and physical disabilities, long time unemployed women, unemployed young people, ex-prisoners and people from rural areas. The Foundation transfers good practices and labour market instruments from EU to Poland and collaborates with public institutions in Poland, women organization, vocational activity workshops for disabled, NGOs.

Kairos Europe is based in London and has already established a wide network of cooperation with companies and organisations both in the UK and overseas.

Our mission is to provide quality training opportunities for youths and adults in order to improve their knowledge and skills and enhance their career prospects.

We host teachers, students and graduates from all over Europe wishing to do a work experience in the UK in different vocational areas.

We organise professional development courses funded by KA1 under the Erasmus+ Programme, for people involved in education who want to acquire new competences. Courses include digital classrooms, interculture, school management, art and sports in education, and social inclusion.

We have taken part in several international partnership projects, focused in particular on languages, IT, disadvantaged categories (migrants, unemployed, parents facing social and economic disadvantage), and projects promoting integration and equality. In our innovative approach, we seek to achieve these goals through culture and the arts.







KERIC is a non-profit non-governmental organisation working mainly with children and youth aged 4-30 as well as adults. We offer a wide range of activities with an extra added international dimension which develop the personality of children and youth and differ based on the needs of participants. Our mission is to connect our region Kysuce with Europe and the whole world.

KERIC was founded in February 2003. Our main activities are conversational language courses, computer courses, international youth exchanges, summer and winter camps, seminars and trainings for youth workesr from all over the world, creative workshops in the KERIC Underground club or at local school, sending and hosting volunteers to and from Europe and Latin America.


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Academia Postal 3 is based in Galicia (Spain) and has been working for forty years with adult groups and with young people, training and improving their skills.


Postal 3 is an entity dedicated to training, project consulting, and development of online resources, whose business services to public and private organizations have achieved remarkable success and growth over the last two decades.


The combination of specialization and complementarity is the source of the synergy and effective experience that Postal 3 assumes for more than 20 years in the preparation and / or execution of Training Projects, R & D & I Projects, or Projects linked to the development of software and online resources, around different professional, social, or business areas. At the same time, we work as an employment agency that offers a service for jobseekers to evaluate the profiles, skills, knowledge or qualifications of persons registered with the corresponding employment office.


We have a long experience in working with funds in the framework of lifelong learning and have cooperated in several transnational projects (LdV, Grundtvig, TOI), focused on entrepreneurship of youth people, digital competences and new approaches in managing the transition from Education to employment.