There were two final conferences organized by Kairos Europe. The first one took place             in Chalton Gallery on 01 June 2019. There were 18 participants:  youth workers, NEETs, migrants and refugees. Kairos Europe took the opportunity to organize a conference for the MAV project during an event which gathered youths and youth workers, working especially with disadvantaged groups such as migrants and refugees, and advocating for the welfare of these groups.

During the event we presented the project and its outcomes. The event was also a change to initiate a discussion on disadvantaged youths and what can be done to support them. People were very interested about the project. There were no special comments or recommendations, but many participants are now contributing to sharing the project to the wider public and thorough their own particular networks.

The second final event took place at KPCC Oval on 04 June 2019. The number of participants were 21: members of staff and students of Kings College London, members of staff of charity organizations in London working at different levels in the support of people in the labour market.

For this event, we gathered a diverse group of participants coming from different organizations such as higher education’s institutions as well as charity organizations, working at different levels I supporting people from disadvantaged backgrounds. These organizations include staff working in mentoring young people at risk, or they support in finding a job, or are people from educational bodies studying or researching on social issues, such as unemployment for young people.

The event started with a presentation of the project and the project partners. During this session we described in detail what has been done during the 2-year project, step by step, and how we reached the results we were able to show.

After that we went on to describing in detail the intellectual outputs of the project, one by one, showing them on-screen all the elements of the outputs.

Then we went on to the practical phase where participants were asked to test some of the outputs, in particular IO3 and IO4.

Finally, we had the feedback session, where participants had the chance to express their ideas about the outputs, including suggestions for improvement.

There was a networking session where participants had the chance to get to know each other and exchange contacts and project ideas.


The final conference in Poland was organized in two events to reach all our social partners, collaborators and volunteers. The first final event took place in Rzeszów on 19.07.2019 in the conference room of Polski Związek Organizatorów Zakładów Aktywności Zawodowej I Terapii Zajęciowej, przy ul. Kolejowej 1. 38 people participate in this conference. The organizations that participated in this event were Computers Danmar, Środowiskowy Dom Pomocy, Politechnika Rzeszowska, Towarzystwo Brata Alberta, ANIMA – cenrum psychologiczne, Zakłady Aktywizacji Zawodowej w Rzeszowie, Stowarzyszenie CWEP, ZHP i Phowwi Zówi Zówi Zówáwáwái Zówáwáwázázákázákázá cau cau ca ca ca ca ça this is íu The participants were young people, NEET, youth workers, trainers and other specialists working with NEET, especially with young people with disabilities and young people from rural areas.
The second final conference was organized in cutańcut on 30.07.2019 in the conference hall of Centrum Medyczne, ul. Paderewskiego 5. 20 people participated in this conference. The participating organizations were: Zaklad Aktywności Zawodowej, ARMA, Stowarzyszenie “Wychowanie i Resocjalizacja” and Klub Sportowy.
Both final conferences were a great opportunity for exploitation, networking, new ideas and debate activities of youth workers in our region and Poland. Participants talked about youth problems, difficulties in finding skilled youth workers. The conferences were organized in collaboration with the organizations represented in each national stakeholder committee. During the conferences, Viva Femina presented the project and the main intellectual results, as well as testimonies from youth educators, organizations that work with NEET, especially with young people with disabilities and from rural areas.


The 09th July 2019 it was held a multiplier event of the MAV project in Santiago de Compostela. The Spanish SME Academia Postal 3 Vigo, S.L. organized it, as partner of the project, in collaboration with The City Hall (Ayuntamiento de Santiago), there were attendances from the University of Santiago and from the Concello.
There was a registration and attendance of 25 people, 85% students of the Social workers faculty and the rest took part from diverse social enterprises, independent entrepreneurs as well as representatives from other regional administrations of innovation and youth work. The event was really interesting and well organized. The most relevant comments on the potential usefulness of the project results (guides and e-learning courses). Most of the comments were focused in the scenarios of application for the outputs and how they were designed, the general opinion was positive. (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely). In addition, there was a reference to target group, about their real needs and if they are motivated to go out of their current situation.


The final conference took pace in Čadca on 2 July 2019. There were 35 participants. A group of 7 youth workers/volunteers got interested in the trying out the web-based assessment tool, so the coordinator organized a meeting with them for the following workshop on Monday 8th July to work with the assessment tool in detail.
Characteristics of the participants: Slovak youth workers and volunteers active in the local youth organizations, schools, educations institutions and social centers. They either took part in the pilot or were motivated to exchange experience in the field of work with NEETs and use the assessment tool. Most of the youth workers and volunteers were aged 20 to 30, starting their career, motivated to learn new things.
Partner organizations: CVČ (Centrum Voľného Času); PDNS (Podpora dobrovoľníctva na Slovensku); GJMH (Gymnázium Jozefa Miloslava Hurbana v Čadci); JDŽ (Joga v dennom Živote); NFS Makov; Univerzita Olomouc; Gymnázium Bratislava; ZŠ Komenského; UPSVAR (Úrad Práce a Sociálnych Vecí); Návrat.
International guests from foreign partner organizations visiting KERIC during an international event hosted on 1st July 2019. These were youth leaders, young volunteers actively working with NEETs. We invited them to stay on 2nd July and participate in our Final conference. All of these youth leaders actively cooperate with KERIC, as well as their organizations.
Partner organizations: LMC (Lancaster Morecambe College), England; AMYCOS, Spain; ADICE, France; Dejavato/ ICYE Europe; Infoeck, Austria; IYACA, Turkey; Younet, Italy; AJP, Portugal; ICYE, Finland.
The MAV final conference was organized in an informal way – suiting to the way of non-formal learning that KERIC as well as our partners use in our work. The event was open in a common session when the project and its outputs were shortly introduced. Then, three simultaneous sessions were held were participants could freely rotate and actively take part in (in an open-space system). The sessions aimed at methodology applied to NEETs, presenting the MAV project strategy and individual IOs. Copies of the Guide were given out and the website of the project was shown.